Review Policies

As this blog has grown, I’ve received requests from podcast producers for me to review their shows. First off, let me just say that this is an absolute honor. I’m very proud and flattered that creators have wanted my input on their shows. However, I want to be clear about what this blog stands for and how I plan on carrying those standards out.

Here are, what I consider, my standards and purposes for this blog:

  1. The purpose of this blog, on a large scale, is to help legitimize the podcasting community through serious critical review. In providing genuine, multifaceted critique, I hope to help creators strengthen their weak points, help the listeners know what to look for (especially in terms of production quality), and highlight exemplary shows.
  2. This blog also exists to serve the indie podcast community. While larger podcasts, usually those that exist in networks, get plenty of press from old media, indie podcasts are almost always ignored. This blog exists to shine a light on smaller podcasts while showing the flaws in the bigger podcasts, both of which are ignored by traditional reporting.
  3. This blog also exists to serve the indie podcast community in publicity. While this blog is not exactly HuffPo, it does get some traffic, and having a kind word to put on your podcast’s site never hurts.
  4. This blog does not exist to routinely say negative things about any podcast. If a podcast starts to decrease in quality, I will give it three strikes in my “This Week in Podcasts” posts before I unsubscribe and stop reviewing the show. If the show is from a large network, I will likely write a review of why I stopped listening. If the show is an indie podcast, I likely will not. I do not see a purpose in continually writing negative reviews for small shows.

With all of this said, I am always open to reviewing your podcast. Please understand that if I do not like your podcast and your podcast is a smaller show than, say, Rabbits or HomecomingI will not write a review for your show. I see no gain for me or your show to write a negative review. I also will not write reviews for people who I already know outside of podcasting.

Please note that this means if I write a review for your show, it still will have criticisms. While I won’t write a purely negative review, I’m also not going to say only nice things and gloss over any of what I would consider flaws in the show. This also wouldn’t be helpful for you or the podcasting community. My reviews of smaller shows will be honest and direct, but I try to make sure they are not unkind.

To request a review, please contact me however you’d like. You can email me, send me a DM on Twitter, send me an ask on Tumblr, or use my Contact page. You should receive an initial response confirming that I’ve seen your request. If you don’t, please feel free to send it again. If I plan on reviewing your show, I will contact you again–usually, this will happen in no longer than a week. If I do not plan to review your show, I will not contact you again. Please take this as me tacitly letting you know that your show was not for me. If you would still like feedback on your show, you can contact me again asking for feedback.

Thank you all for the work you do. This community would not be nearly what it is without such incredible creators. Please know that even if your work isn’t my taste, the fact that you make it at all is something to be so proud of.