You Should Be Listening To: “Greater Boston”

You Should Be Listening To is a series where I talk up one of my favorite podcasts and explain why you should be listening, too. Each post gives an explanation of the show using the same five questions, including how best to listen and comparisons to other pieces of media. You can find all of … Continue reading You Should Be Listening To: “Greater Boston”


Podcast Problems: Misusing the Medium

I think we can all agree that Mad Max: Fury Road is one of the best films in recent memory. Just about every part of the film is phenomenal, and it utilizes every part of what makes film the medium that it is. The film is very obviously meant for its medium: the visuals are stunning, meant … Continue reading Podcast Problems: Misusing the Medium

#TryPod : Just in time for Book 2, a review of The Once and Future Nerd

For someone who loves audio as a medium and loves books,the assumption could be made that I love audiobooks. The assumption would be wrong. Audiobooks have always felt stale, poorly-paced, and auditorily unattractive. The closest I've come to enjoying an audiobook are the snippets I've heard to the full cast recordings of The Bad Beginning (the first … Continue reading #TryPod : Just in time for Book 2, a review of The Once and Future Nerd