Podcast Review: S-Town (With Spoilers)

Before jumping in, I would highly recommend not reading this review until you have listened to S-Town in full. Even if you don’t mind spoilers, the twists really are that good. You can read a spoiler-free review here. Creative nonfiction is a tricky genre. Walking the lines between factual truth, emotional truth, and narrative depictions of other… Read More Podcast Review: S-Town (With Spoilers)

Podcast Review: S-Town (No Spoilers)

S-Town or, more accurately, Shittown, is a nonfiction podcast by the makers of This American Life and Serial. While Serial veered more towards the journalism end of This American Life, S-Town leans heavily on the creative nonfiction side. The podcast, released in full on March 28th, 2017, follows narrator Brian Reed as he tries to find out what darkness is at the heart of Woodstock (or “Shittown”),… Read More Podcast Review: S-Town (No Spoilers)