PodCon: A Convention for Podcast Fans on the Horizon

Edit: My original dates for the convention were very wrong. They have been corrected. A second, very exciting edit: I will officially be attending the convention! I am very proud to say that I have backed the campaign. At long last, a true convention for podcast fans is going to be making its debut this year. … Continue reading PodCon: A Convention for Podcast Fans on the Horizon

Podcast Problems: Misusing the Medium

I think we can all agree that Mad Max: Fury Road is one of the best films in recent memory. Just about every part of the film is phenomenal, and it utilizes every part of what makes film the medium that it is. The film is very obviously meant for its medium: the visuals are stunning, meant … Continue reading Podcast Problems: Misusing the Medium

Podcast Problem: Dialogue Authenticity

I'm a huge fan of the show Friday Night Lights. I never expected myself to care so much about a show that focuses on football, something I've actively avoided engaging with. I was taken in immediately, though, by how genuine and character-driven the show was. I've never been so immediately convinced of characters as people, and this was … Continue reading Podcast Problem: Dialogue Authenticity